The "Naruto" Animation That Has The Internet In An Uproar (NSFW)

Recently, a very talented animator by the name of Chengxi Huang paid homage to his favorite anime series, Naruto, by way of a cute animation featuring the titular hero, Naruto Uzumaki and his wife Hinata (née Hyuga):

What is easily one of the most tasteful depictions of Naruto and Hinata (at least compared to allll of the hentai, doujin and thensome out there) received so much backlash that Huang removed the video entirely from his social medias.

While various sources have cited that the majority of the haters are basement dwellers who never got over the fact Naruto didn't wind up with Sakura in the end, so far much of the confirmed outrage stems from people who find this animation "offensive".

Question: Why?

And do those whom(st) are supposedly offended by this call themselves fans of the sequel, Boruto?

If they are, then the outrage makes even less sense:

At some point in between Naruto and Boruto, Hinata and Naruto (as well as the rest of our favorite Konoha shinobi and kunoichi) popped out a couple of funny-lookin' kids that the sequel centers:

  (Adorable af, but funny-lookin' all the same.)

(Adorable af, but funny-lookin' all the same.)

And assuming Hinata had them the ole fashioned way, then it can also assumed that they were conceived the ole fashioned way as well (see the above animation).

I'll be perfectly frank: I stuck with Naruto to see Naruto and Hinata wind up together. That's literally the only reason.

Everything about what those two endured (both before and after they got together) shows they damn well earned their Happy Ever After (atleast until the unnecessary events of the unnecessary sequel Boruto). 

And although heartbreaking, many of the violent scenes in Naruto were also met with the highest of praises in regards to the execution, progression, and conclusion of said scenes.

Hence my (as well as countless other NaruHina fans') eyecrossing confusion as to why this heartwarming, cute, and honest depiction of Naruto and Hinata's day-to-day life is considered "offensive".

And if the reason really is "Waaaaaaaaah, Naruto should have married Sakura" :