Man Kills Mother Over Video Game Headset

Once upon a time, I was on god-knows-what try of my battle with that insufferable, undead prick, Seymour Flux, of Final Fantasy X. 

For those of you who need a refresher, I'm talking about this asshole:

And just as victory was within reach, my mom stormed into to the room, hollered at me for whatever reason moms holler, and then proceeded to yank the power cord of my PS2 clean out of the wall. 

At first, I sat there overcome with that same type of shock that's associated with the complete and total denial of the reality happening before you. 

I remember jumping up and screaming at this inexcusable act of cruelty; this was an injustice

To say I was furious is an understatement.

I definitely had a few Jesus-Wouldn't-Approve thoughts towards my mother, but not once did "BITCH, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU" ever leave my mouth because I'm not gonzo enough to believe my mom (or anyone for that matter) deserved to lose her life over a video game. 

Y'know; unlike 28-year-old Ceres California resident, Matthew Nicholson, who killed his sixty-eight year old mother over a video game headset he himself broke in an argument. 



Nicholson's mother, Lydia, heard her son yelling and screaming at his game, and went upstairs to his room to tell him to shut the hell up (paraphrasing). Nicholson was so enraged during their argument that he broke his own headset, threatened to kill his mother (and father), and then followed up on that threat by shooting his mother and killing her.

His father would have met with the same fate had the gun not jammed, giving Nicholson's father an opportunity to wrest the gun from his son. 

Nicholson fled to a relative's house where he was later arrested, and is presently being held without bail.

Bottom line: this whole story is a fucking tragedy. No one ever deserves to lose their life over a game. It's never that serious.

It's just not.