NEW #HYPEMANGA ALERT: Shinigami's Contract

Noir Caesar Entertainment is proud to announce it's latest addition to our #HypeManga line: "Shinigami's Contract", written by Trey McIntosh, and illustrated by our newest star artist, Win Delores!

Genre: Supernatural

Age: 16+

Peter Matsuda-Jones is an overweight perverted otaku who lives in his parents' basement. He meets a down-on-his-luck named Amergan who claims to be a God of Death.

To anyone else, this would sound strange, but not to Peter--He's a 4th generation Onmyoji-in-training...or, he would be he'd dedicate himself to the art!

Amergan has been expelled from the Realm of Death because he's missing his quota of soul--people who clearly need to die are living on borrowed time. Yet, after visiting the Mortal Realm, he indulges in a boatload of video games and junk food, becoming lazy and fat to the chagrin of Charon, an anthropomorphoric black cat butler who serves as Amergan's attendant.

Peter just wants to find a girlfriend, get laid, and read comics, so when Amergan offers him all three in exchange for helping him regain his status and power, the protagonist finds himself reluctantly embracing his Onmyoji skills to "make the world bow down to him" as noted on the fine line of his contract.

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