The "Slenderman" Trailer Has Dropped

Slenderman. You know the name. You know the game. You know the meme.

Good ole child-snatching Slendy is the champion of Creepypasta; a literal legend that cost many of us sleepless nights accompanied by sleeping with every light on in the house (and some pissed off parents once that electric bill came).

The Slenderman's legacy left such an impact across the world, that fantasy tragically spilled over into reality when an incident in 2014 became known as The Slender Man Stabbing. That, along with several other Slenderman-related incidents only served to propel this nightmarish figure back into the spotlight; feeding off fear and growing in power like the Freddy Kruger or Pennywise of our generation.

And then I learned Slenderman was getting his own movie. 

giphy (2).gif


And then I learned it was being directed by none other than Black film director, Slyvain White:


And then...

Then I saw the trailer:

And it really left me feeling some type of way. 


Yes, while it does look like they managed to do their homework on Slendy's legend (playing strongly off of what's known as Slender Sickness), that trailer isn't exactly selling the movie to someone who at one point genuinely believed Slenderman was an actual entity that could kill me in my sleep on a whim.  I wasn't intrigued, startled, or even remotely creeped out.

And coming from a regular Chuckie Finster like me, that says a lot.

Perhaps it is too early to tell whether or not this movie will live up to the Slenderman legacy; but as of right now, I'm not really feeling it.

I'll still go and see it, though; if for no other reason than to support a Black director, and also to humor that tiny part of me that keeps me looking over my shoulder every time I go camping.