Hype Reveal: Gran Terra

Created by Scottish Highlands-based illustrator and graphic designer, Elyas ShamaanGran Terra is the latest action-packed addition to NSZR's ever-growing collection of dope #HypeManga.



"Reno wishes nothing more than to leave the city of Aluria, a city with no entry or exit. Standing at 20 miles high, and 35 miles wide, the city is the size of a country, with absolutely no way to leave, and despite it, Reno is determined. 

After finally convincing his brother Zax, Reno’s boss and good friend, Zozo, decides to help them figure out a way to leave the city. Their adventure will then begin, but what lies beyond the walls in the outside world...?"

Gran Terra is rated ages 13 and up, and debuts in March of 2018!