Why Tiana deserves to be in Kingdom Hearts 3:

Everytime I look at Tiana, I'm reminded of the blatant lack of effs given by Disney that show just how little they cared about the company's first Black princess.

It's a little known fact that early in Tiana's conception, Disney originally intended for her to be a chamber maid named Maddy.

While they (sorta) chose to go a different route for the final cut of The Princess and The Frog, Tiana's "maid" origins still made it into her final costume, specifically, the headpiece:

  (*sighs in tired Black woman*)

(*sighs in tired Black woman*)

Another criticism against Tiana was her staying a frog for 80% of the movie. Couple that with it being one of the lowest promoted Disney films at the box office, and the message from white Hollywood is clear, "Just be grateful you have a Black princess now, Black people."

Out of the Disney Princesses, Tiana is the one most slept on, despite her straying the route of past princesses. Tiana was independent, hardworking, had a mind all her own, and worked hard to make her dream of owning her own restaurant a reality. She's even the first Disney Princess to actually save her prince (Naveen) as well, and not the other way around.

Like many Black women, Tiana is a trailblazer; and like many Black women, Tiana has to fight for constant recognition (and acknowledgement in "Which Disney Princess Are You" quizzes on Buzzfeed).

And with more and more trailers dropping for the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts III, nothing would make me happier than to see some #blackgirlmagic from Tiana as she joins Sora's crew to take on the devious Doctor Facilier, better known The Shadow Man.

Who is arguably one of the greatest Disney Villains with the greatest Villain song, ever.

It just makes sense; if Disney and Square Enix can suspend KH3 in development hell for over a decade and still work in random worlds such as Toy Story and Monster's Inc, certainly they have room for Disney's first Black Princess who's skilled in defeating shadowy, evil creatures.

Only time will tell, but I'll remain hopeful 2018 finally delivers Tiana the praise and respect she deserves Disney. 

I wonder what her Keyblade would look like...