#JaxReviews: The Junji Ito Collection

From it’s haunting opening and ending theme songs, to episode four being sheer nightmare fuel to people with trypophobia, the Junji Ito Collection brilliantly delivers dread, disgust, and a detestable recurring character all in one messily wrapped package with a bow made of human flesh and everything meant to make you squirm.

  Ugh. No, really. Screw this creep.

Ugh. No, really. Screw this creep.

Based off of the bestselling manga, Junji Ito’s best works leap off the pages and comes to life in five cringeworthy episodes, with many more on the way. Each episode is comprised of two shorts:

Episode one opens with Souchi’s Convenient Curses, introducing us to the positively hateable Souichi; an obnoxious kid with a god complex able to--you guessed it--curses whomever he deems deserving. Part two of episode one is a short called Hell Doll Funeral, which, despite it being all of three minutes long delivers plenty of disgust in a short timeframe.

Episode two opens with The Fashion Model, and concludes with one of the more trippier shorts, The Long Dream (a fan favorite, due to it being one complete headcannon that will have you grasping at the fibers of what you perceive reality to be).

Episode three keeps the cringe coming with the shorts Boy At The Crosswords, and concludes with one one of Junji Ito’s most  infamous comics, Slug Girl.

If you suffer from trypophobia, we advise you steer clear of episode four’s opening short, Shiver, and skip on ahead to Marionette Mansion, which is nightmare fuel in itself if your Pupaphobia kept you from being a Sesame Street fan as a child.

And in the recently released Episode 5, we take a walk through a house of horrors in The Ongoing Tale Of Oshikiri, and later learn that Souchi is up to his old tricks in the episode’s conclusion, Cloth Teacher.

The Junji Ito Collection series is presently ongoing having recently released Episode 6 and Episode 7, and with countless shorts from the master of horror himself to keep hope alive and well for just as many future episodes.