Someone Created A Goku Mod For Grand Theft Auto and We Are Living For It

One of the reasons behind the success of the Grand Theft Auto franchise comes from the many ways the game can be modded by fans.

From the iconic "Makin' My Way Downtown" mod featuring Vanessa Carlton's iconic A Thousand Miles:

To the fire remix of Hakuna Matata that plays during a Lion King mod that lets you play as Simba and his crew:

And now, with thanks to known GTA modder, JulioNIB, everyone's favorite super Saiyan takes to the streets (and skies) of Los Santos in the new GTA 5 Dragonball mod:

Like many of JulioNIB's previous mods published through GTA X Scripting, the graphics and design of this mod are off the charts.

Interested in copping this mod for yourself? You're in luck! It's available for download through GTA X Scripting, and peep their Facebook Page for more links to other dope mods and tutorials!

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