"She's Baaack...": The 'Berserk!' Plot Twist Fans Have Been Waiting For

(SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t read the Berserk manga or you’re not caught up, don’t read any further! I mean, you can if you want but them sore feelings are gonna be all your fault.)

A BIG deal just happened in Chapter 354 last week:

Casca is back.

Sort of.

Berserk fans, we have been through it! We have waited years for them to get on the boat. Then we waited years for them to get off the boat. Miura-sensei dragged our asses over to Falconia and then back to the Elf Kingdom to some grade-A silly bull shit.

We finally got to what we wanted: the healing of Casca’s mind.

It was quite the messy and bizarre journey for Schierke and Farnese. As we explored Casca’s haunted and broken mindscape, we naturally had to be accompanied by her own personal dog, Guts and eventually the evil manifestation of Griffith:

  The resemblance is uncanny.

The resemblance is uncanny.

They fought all kinds of weird shit (dick monsters though? Spewing evil sperm? What?) to literally piece this woman back together in the metaphor of this existence and they succeeded!


Until I got to the end of the chapter, I was scared on many accounts. For one, I was nervous that ol’ Miura was going to drag this part of the story on fooooreeeever. It’s with a sense of pride and also frustration that I can officially say that I’ve been reading this series for a solid decade, so I’ve been suckered many a times.

Idolmaster Sensei would create a few chapters then vanish for years. Perhaps the limelight of the (L A M E) anime has him back on his game. He’s been faithful (so far) with producing chapters for six months and then slinking back into his mysterious depths for another six months.

I’m just afraid to have faith that this system is working out well

I do feel like the chapters have gotten shorter, but he’s been moving the damn thing along so…

We shall see.

As long as we don’t have a cut to Rickert’s lame existence or Griffith’s shitty plans, I can remain satisfied.


A major fear that I had harked back to was an ominous statement from Skull Knight way back when. In light of Guts and company learning how to restore Casca’s mind, Skull Knight said, “There’s no guarantee your wish will be her wish.” That single panel has haunted me since I first read it, especially knowing how Miura wasn’t necessarily the type for happy resolutions for his characters (he was influenced by Devilman after all).

That said, it’s heavily hinted that there’s going to be a defined twist to Casca because of the hex that was on her metaphorical heart in the dream space. Thinking on it, that hex could simply be how the Brand manifests itself within her mind, but what else could it mean?

Can we wish that she’ll get a power up so she can fight side-by-side with her man?

Or will it just heighten her abilities to bitch endlessly?


Even mentioning Guts, it’s a wonder how she’ll be now that her mind is restored: will she be able to speak on everything that she witnessed from the Eclipse onward or will it all be a blank slate?

Will she remember her old relationship with our worn hero and her new relationships with Farnese and Schierke?

Will she have answers about the Moon Child and (finally) harbor a justifiable hatred towards Griffith?

Will we get to see her grieve the loss of her comrades, which will then extend into a visual journey of seeing her work through the pain that literally tore her soul asunder?There’s so much to wonder and hope for. I just know I’ll be perturbed if Miura reduces her to an amnesiac state as an effect of her hexed heart being forced back into the doll body she held in her mind.

I want to see her struggle and become stronger for it.

Casca was never my favorite character. I understand that she has lived a complicated existence as a woman in a man’s world that constantly attempted to reduce her to being a tool. Still, I often felt like Miura’s writing was lacking by making her complain all the time and to hate her womanhood.

I don’t want her womanhood to be used as a plot device any longer.

That’s a major hope for me.



That said, I hope she still loves Guts. I hope she isn’t torn by what Griffith has become. There’s so much ahead for us readers.

What are your theories on where the story can go from here? Comment below!

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