Wendy's Snatches Ronald McDonald Bald With Fire New Mixtape

Ya'll, I know it sounds crazy, but McDonald's redheaded cousin from Ohio, Wendy's, just dropped a mix tape hotter than their Spicy Chicken Sandwich:

28953852_1868867789831417_1977512447193177468_o (2).jpg
29060465_1868867786498084_4178403229791984026_o (1).jpg

Okay, fine that joke was terrible, but their mixtape really is fire af, and so far the internet agrees.

Available on both Spotify and iTunes, We Beefin? contains just five tracks, but boi do they go hard:

  Via iTunes

Via iTunes

And yes, this multi-billion dollar fast food corporation did in fact record a diss track dedicated to gee, we wonder who

So, is it worth investing $4.95 in this ten minute EP that's a compilation of fast food, twitter memes, and shade?

Yes. Yes it is.