NSZR EXCLUSIVE: GameBreax Joins The 'XOgenaSYS' Soundtrack!

“Own every moment in life.
Know that you are beautiful and powerful.
Be a Spark that ignites others to greatness”

Noir Caesar Entertainment LLC prides itself on bringing together a collective of extraordinarily talented artists to build upon our shared dreams as we continue production on the XOgenaSYS anime.

Two of these artists united make one, complete music production team by the name of GameBreax; comprised of company's president and emcee, Omega Sparx, and SWATS, GameBreax's vice president and performing artist. 

 Featured left to right: Omega Sparx and SWATS.

Featured left to right: Omega Sparx and SWATS.

In an exclusive interview, Noir Caesar's Jacqueline-Elizabeth (aka Jax) sits down with GameBreax to discuss their role in bringing the sound of XOgenaSYS to life:

Jax: Who are you, what do you do, and tell us why you feel your mission is important?

*SWATS: Our group’s name is GameBreax, comprised of myself, “SWATS” (Vice President and Performing Artist) and Omega Sparx (President and Emcee). We tailor make music for the entertainment industry ranging from but not limited to video games, movies, anime, shows and albums for our fans.

We pride ourselves in both lyrical precision and storytelling and are fans of various forms of art that we grew up on like those listed above. Both of us cling to that innocence and freedom from times when the world seemed less complicated and believe that it’s important to stay consistent whether the world is all smiles or going crazy around you.  

*Omega Sparx: My name is Omega Sparx, I am the president of GameBreax, a songwriting company that excels in voice work and original music. I am a writer, vocalist and practitioner in the art of rhymes. I am the next level of nerdcore music. 

Jax: Give us a little more background, such as where you grew up.

*SWATS: I’m the only southerner in my family. Even my older brother was born in Philly. I’ve been in the Charlotte NC area since I was about five, so I’m one of those rare “natives.”

*Omega Sparx: I grew in Charlotte, NC. A shy kid that found self esteem through spirituality and music. 

Jax: When did you first realize your love for music? How and when did that coincide with your discovery and passion for all things nerdy?

*SWATS: I grew up around music, mainly singers and performers so it has always been a welcome and comfortable part of my life. My mom had a doo-wop group in Philly when she was younger than I am now and knew a few people in the industry. We would regularly sing those songs during family holidays and get-togethers, so that’s what probably started it.

Dad was into southern rock which was cool with me, so I had a wide range of music in my ears from a young age. My older brother and I grew up on the same nerdy stuff and had similar tastes. I think music and nerdy stuff started to coincide for me mid 80s with Mega Man 3.

I can probably still hum every tune from that game. I used to imagine those old songs done with real guitars etc. and some people have done great jobs remixing them, but there’s something about that old-school 8-bit sound, man.

*Omega Sparx: I've had a love for music since I was five years old. When I became sixteen I discovered that I had a gift of songwriting and a passion to perform. At a young age, I found excitement in exploring the lore and powers of my favorite anime and video game characters through music.

Jax: How did you first find out about Noir Caesar Entertainment?


I found out about NSZR via a Facebook group now named PLANETEJOBN. There were some pictures of XO floating around and I kind of lost my mind. The art style and potential story really grabbed me. I remember thinking, “now I would read that!”

Omega Sparx:

I found out about NSZR through word of mouth and eventually online. Being able to see anime heroes that look like me portrayed in excellence and style is a dream come true. 

Jax: What was your reaction to finding out you were going to be part of the XOgenaSYS soundtrack?


Second time I lost my mind. Not kidding. I’m curious if I actually held it together or if I was visually stunned. The story that got me geeking out about NSZR was now connecting with me to create content for them? I remember telling Sparx, these are the moments. These are the ones you hold on to. I’m still floored and thankful for the opportunity.

Omega Sparx:

My reaction was sheer joy when I found out that I was a part of the Xogenasys soundtrack. All the years of honing my skills at lore-based, nerdcore lyricism has prepared me for this monumental opportunity. 

Jax: What do you hope to bring to the XO soundtrack? 

SWATS: I’m going to bring that story to life. I’m still extremely excited about XO and want to be a mouthpiece for all of the excellence that happens in those pages. I want people to feel the strikes, counters, and full gamut of emotions through our music.

Omega Sparx: I will bring power and a fiery energy to the XO soundtrack. My lyricism and flow are sharpened to rock every part of the soundtrack you hear me on. 

Jax: How do you relate to the character of Darius? How will you capture the sound of his soul and essentially personify it?


Darius is a young brown-skinned in America who finds himself in not the best of situations through no fault of his own. I think we’ve all had a piece of that at one point or another. He loves his family and will do anything to make sure they’re good. He also relies on his keen artist’s eye to see the bigger picture. Who wrote this book about me? Connecting with a character that is so relatable takes the hard work out of what we do. It’s inspirational and will fuel the music we create. I hope fans will be able to feel that genuine connection and it hits them the same way.

Omega Sparx

I relate to Darius because I too have a strong desire to rise to every situation I am faced with. I will personify his joy for tech and fighting through my voice and cutting edge wordplay.

Jax: Where can people learn more about you? (social media, etc)


The best place to hear most of our catalogue is our Bandcamp page. My preferred social media pages are Twitter and Instagram.

*OmegaSparx: You can hear and download music from GameBreax on Bandcamp. Connect with me personally on Twitter.

Jax: Any parting words of wisdom?

SWATS: Keep grinding. Be the best you can be at what you do, then get better at it. Take off the limiters and show people the real you.

Omega Sparx: Own every moment in life. Know that you are beautiful and powerful. Be a Spark that ignites others to greatness.