Woody Harrelson As Carnage!?


There have been a lot of rumors circulating around Marvel's upcoming Venom, but this latest one is by far the wildest one yet:

Famed actor, Woody Harrelson, famous for his roles in Now You See Me, Zombielandand White Men Can't Jump (among others) has signed on to play Cletus Kasady, famously known as the Marvel villain, Carnage.

What originally was thought to be an elaborate April Fool's joke quickly took a serious turn when Carnage's co-creator, David Michelinie, weighed in on the idea of Harrelson portraying Carnage in the upcoming Venom.

Turns out, he's actually kinda fond of the idea.

And it makes sense: Harrelson is largely known for his role on camera as being an anti-hero or a villain that would make even Colossus cringe.

One of Harrelson's most notorious roles is that of deranged serial killer, Mickey Knox, from the hyper-violent 1994 black comedy, Natural Born Killers: 

Over the years, Harrelson's proven time and time again that he has no problem mastering roles that require a shocking level of gore, insanity, and a blantant disregard for human life.

Who else better to play Cletus Kasady: a psychotically-violent and feared serial killer who  meets his cellmate, Eddie Brock, aka the future Venom?

In the comics, Kasady gets ahold of the remaining symbiote left behind by Brock following his escape. The symbiote turns him into the alien, Carnage, and is powered by the host (ie, Kasady)'s desire for slaughter and yes, carnage.

What do you all think? Does Harrelson have it in him to play one of Marvel's most notorious villians?