A Game That Allowed You To Play As A School Shooter Has Been Pulled From Steam

Outrage rocked the internet upon the masses learning of a controversial upcoming video game slated for release June 6th, however it has since been pulled within days of it's release.

Active Shooter, a PC game originally published by the now banned publisher, Revived Games and Acid, centered on a First-Person-Shooter (FPS) where the player could control a rampaging school shooter, or the Swat Team gathered to take him out.

The game came under fire almost immediately by survivors of the Parkland Shooting, one of whom took to Twitter to comment, sharing along with her tweet a link to a petition with nearly 300,000 signatures demanding the game not see the light of day.

“THIS IS DISGUSTING… Everyone that cares about school & public safety should be OUTRAGED. Sign this petition to DEMAND the game isn’t launched, ”
— Jaclyn Corin, Parkland Survivor

Set to be released on Steam, the site's owner, Valve, has since released a statement admonishing the game's creator and publisher, before banning both from the website for what is reportedly the second time since last year, following a long-standing list of grievances against the publishes whom, at the time, had been operating under a different name.

Valve spokesperson, Doug Lombardi has gone on to refer to the developer as “a troll, with a history of customer abuse, publishing copyrighted material, and user review manipulation.” 

Active Shooter's original trailer can still be viewed below: