Coming To Baltimore; The CosGala Masquerade: The Hottest Cosplay Event of The Year!



Once again, another exciting year of conventions and cosplay events draws to a close.

In Baltimore, Maryland, the party is just getting started.

On September 29th, 2018, all the stars gather once the sun sets over Baltimore's Martin's West banquet hall as flocks of cosplayers gather at the first annual Cosplay Masquerade Gala!

  (Credit: @ thecosgala )

(Credit: @thecosgala)

Hosted and organized by a talented collective of cosplayers and figureheads in the nerd community, at the helm of Cosgala team sits the immensely dedicated, professional cosplayer and makeup artist, Anita Riggs, famously known as Tranquil Ashes Cosplay.

Along with joining me as a guest on NOiR's very first podcast, now available on our SoundCloud and YouTube, Anita was kind enough to give us a brief interview with more insight into what to expect from one of the hottest events to grace the Baltimore cosplay scene

Cosgala Logo-1 (1).png

1) Who are you and what do you do and represent?

*My name is Anita but I'm formally known as Tranquil Ashes Cosplay. I am the CEO and creator of the CosGala; a formal cosplay masquerade event held in Baltimore Maryland.

2) Tell me more about the Cosgala:

*The cosgala is an organization dedicated to bringing you a unique and magical experience like no other. The CosGala is a cosplay masquerade ball that will feature Chocolate City burlesque and Cabaret entertainment, all you can eat gourmet food, prizes from our sponsors such as Arda Wigs and Third Eye Comics for our cosplay contest.

There will be wonderful music by our DJ Taylor Senpai and  all night open bar. The event is meant to cater to those who enjoy the craft of Cosplay and who just enjoy the art of creating. To Foster inclusion, fun and entertainment and the enjoyment of camaraderie among like-minded individuals. Most importantly fun.  

3) What inspired the Cosgala?

*The gala came about from different things that I love in my life. Cosplay has become a passion  for me and I enjoy it so much, I also enjoy organizing events where my friends and others can enjoy a safe inclusive space. I am a traveler by heart. I lived in Rome Italy for a time and I had the pleasure of going to the Venetian Carnival, and the masquerade and the beautiful gowns and The Masks truly inspired me to blend the Two Worlds together and have a formal Masquerade cosplay gala

4) Who is involved with the Cosgala?

*I have a wonderful group of ladies helping me on the Gala board, Pasteldotz Cosplay, Devilish Vixen, CC the Greek Geek and some of our wonderful sponsors are Arda Wigs, LAN party, Third Eye Comics and many more.

5) What do you hope to achieve from the Cosgala?

*I want to achieve a space where like-minded creatives can come together and enjoy  camaraderie with each other, enjoy the craft, sharing conversation, ideas and the energy for positivity and growth in the community. I want this to be an experienced that no one forgets.


For more information on the CosGala and to book your tickets, see the CosGala website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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