Utada Hikaru Unveils Official Theme Song for KH3: "Don't Think Twice"

Kingdom Hearts fans around the world rejoiced upon the release of the latest trailers from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III; one of which included KH3's official theme song, "Don't Think Twice", sung by legendary songstress, Utada Hikaru:

One of Asia's top selling artist, Utada became famous around the world for her work on Kingdom Heart's original anthem, Hikari, or as the English version of the song is best known as, Simple and Clean.

Utada is also behind the theme song for Kingdom Hearts IIPassionand it's English translation counterpart, Sanctuaryand has been involved with many of the Kingdom Hearts spinoff games.

In late 2017, Utada announced she would be touring for the first time in twelve years, with her last tour being "UTADA UNITED" in 2016. Dates and cities are TBA.

Kingdom Hearts III is slated for release later on this year in 2018.

(We hope.)