Fallen angel 


CREATED BY/written by: Deandre Moffet

ART BY: rex

Long ago the gods listened to the prayers of the humans, and sent to them a savior in the form of a child made up from their own blood, but the child was intercepted and raised by bandits. He became the most powerful and evil being the humans had ever faced. For his evil deeds the gods locked him up for eternity, and swore to never interfere with the lives Of humans again. They made it forbidden for angels to roam anywhere near planet earth again, and breaking this rule would result in loosing their wings. Hundreds of years later the story faded, and a young angel wonders into the heavens forbidden lands, he hears the cries and pleas of the humans, curious and unknowing of the rules against getting close, he does just that and looses his wings. A young boy, with no way to return home meets and old man and a young boy, and sets off on a quest to do what the gods swore not to do: help the humans in their war against evil.

coming soon