Creator: Francis Martelino 

Artist: Francis Martelino 

At the heart of the island of Peenas, lies the Barrio of Fiestangina, the capital of commerce and home for thousands of families. Foreign merchants flock to the capital to trade. It's also the main reason why there are all sorts of people of different heritage on the island. One can say that it is the world on a little island of it's own. There are other things besides people on this island. There are rumors of hidden tribes, haunted forests and even mythical creatures. For one, there is the Hotdog Prince.


Sightings of this creature had become a common occurrence for the locals but little is known about it. Some say it is a mermaid, a weird dog, a forest nymph, the Sasquatch, a pigeon! The list goes on but there is no definite answer as to what it truly is and what its motives are. One sure way of finding out is reading this comic. Yep. I still haven't figured out that far ahead and I'm just making this all up right now so I would recommend you guys just read it.

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