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Created by: Corey Mikell            Written By: Corey Mikell         Art By: Sebas Riera 

Self dubbed hero, Joshua Fallscar, is hiding from everything that wants to kill him - and it's a lot. Though contracted by the galaxy's most notorious planetary defence agency, he still lives wild and recklessly. Known for street brawls, taking on unbeatable odds, and losing, Joshua lives destitute in the underbelly of the Federation controlled Capital City of Isem.


Taken in by former Federation elite, Ava Kelly, Joshua trains rigorously to be a top agent in his field. However, mission after mission fails due to his self-righteous nature. Confused and frustrated about his true purpose, the dark secret he carries beings to weigh on him.


When the Tyrant of Old Space seizes power in a distant galaxy, the rest of space turns a blind eye. Seeking to prove himself more than an absolute failure, Joshua partners with a rebellious crew and traverses the cosmos to take the madman head on, and become the Hero he knows he's meant to be.

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