Jim Henson Company To Partner Up With Webtoon For Upcoming 'Lore Olympus' Animated Series

The internet is abuzz with excitement over the announcement of the wildly popular Webtoon, 'Lore Olympus', receiving an animated adaption with the famed Jim Henson Company.

Originally created by Rachel Smythe, and published to the independent webtoon publication platform, Webtoon, 'Lore Olympus' is a beautiful and highly stylized retelling of beloved Greek Mythology characters, complete with drama, forbidden romance, and everything you could come to expect from your favorite Grecian heroes and tragedies.

Focusing primarily on tragic character of Persephone, this incredible webcomic boasts a daily readership of fifteen million, and will continue being geared towards Young Adults.

This news couldn't have come at a better time, following on the heels of Netflix's and Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, which which carries all of the nostalgia and beloved elements the Jim Henson Company is famous for.


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