Naomie Harris To Portray 'Spider-Man' Villain Shriek In 'Venom 2'

The internet is abuzz with excitement over the news of award-winning actress, Naomie Harris, being cast for Marvel's upcoming 'Venom 2' sequel as the villain Shriek:

(Naomie Harris at the 74th Golden Globes)

First appearing in Volume 1 of Spider-Man Unlimited, in May 2013, the supervillain Shriek is introduced as a hyperviolent and criminally insane master of sound manipulation.

(Shriek as she appears in 'Absolute Carnage' #2 (2019)

Shriek would later go on to ally herself with fellow iconic baddie, Carnage; who will also be appearing in Marvel's 'Venom 2', played by actor Woody Harrelson.

(Shriek and Carnage: 'Deadpool vs Carnage' #1 (2014))

Venom 2 is slated for theatrical release worldwide in 2020.

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