NOiR Caesar Kicks Off It's First Tour!

This past weekend, NOiR Caesar MADE HISTORY with the wildly successful launch of it's very first tour!

(Featured above from left to right: Corey Mikell, Johnny O'Bryant, Marcus Johnson, Will Brown)

Held in New York City, and hosted at the Historical landmark of Rennert's Art Gallery,

we had the honor of welcoming over five-hundred guests, both local and international,

to an experience a unique company dedicated in it's mission of furthering mainstream representation and diversity; by way of it's own original brand of brilliantly directed content!

For two whole days, fans both old AND new to NOiR browsed the gallery, purchased limited edition clothing and original manga, and were able to finally meet some of the NOiR Caesar creators and family including:

NBA-Player, CEO, founder and owner of NOiR Caesar, Johnny O'Bryant III, AND his incredible wife, Ariel:

(Pictured Above: Johnny with artist DeeDee (Koyuki Panda) and her husband, Shinji)

Director of Concept Development, creator, and lead writer of NOiR's popular titles such as Arms Of The Dragon and Try Again, Marcus Kwabena Johnson:

(Pictured Above: Marcus Johnson (right))

President of Operations, Spacepop creator and writer, and lead writer for many of NOiR's flagship series including Primus 7, Shinto, and Playboy, Corey Mikell:

(Pictured Above: Corey (left) with Chuck "DragonBlack" Collins (right); creator of the comic 'Bounce')

Vice-President of Operations, Music Producer & Director, and the man behind the original concept of 'Try Again', Will 'iLL' Brown:

(Pictured Above: Will (second to the right) with his family and friends!)

Also in attendence was Dumisa Moyo, Creative Director of Photography and Videography, NOiR's Inventory Manager, and creator, Cosmos Black, NOiR's Apparel Manager, and creator, Vaughn Alexander, Nikolas Draper-Ivey, artist and writer behind the wildly popular series, "XOgenasys", and Jacqueline "Jax" Cottrell, NOiR's Digital Media Manager, writer, and podcast host!

It was an incredibly humbling experience for each and every last one of us.

Meeting all of you left us with an overwhelming sense of family; inspiring and motivating everyone at NOiR Caesar, as we continue to grow and expand as a company.

Our gratitude for everyone who came up to each of us, and let us know that NOiR has,

in some way, inspired, uplifted and encouraged countless people worldwide is immeasurable.

We invite you to join us next in Los Angeles:

August 2nd and 3rd, 12pm-6pm, at Innerspace Gallery, located at 110 Winston St, Los Angeles, California, 90013.

Once again, we extend our gratitude to the owners of Rennert's Gallery,

those who made it out, and of course, everyone who continues to support the dream of NOiR Caesar Entertainment LLC!


Noir Caesar Entertainment, LLC 


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