(Spoiler Free!) #NOiRReview: 'My Hero Academia'--Season 4, Episode 64: The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A

While this episode appears to more of a recap, it's still a great reintroduction of not just the 'My Hero Academia' series, but of the characters and their respective quirks.

its starts off with the character of Tane Tokuda assisting his coworkers in trying to find out the meaning of All Might's 'last words' from his final fight:

They're able to deduce that those words weren't meant for the next Villain, but for the next Generation of heroes; specifically, Class 1-A of U.A.

Tokuda goes undercover at U.A, under the pretense of reporting upon Class 1-A's day-to-day life, in the hopes of discovering who it is that All-Might is planning to naming his successor.

As far as this being the very first episode of the new season, it's a great introduction and reintroduction of the 'My Hero' franchise; it's informative, and we get to see all of our favorite characters in action! It certainly leaves you excited and wanting more, out of what is ultimately going to be yet another great season!

This concludes our spoiler-free review; but, if you're interested in the full review, click the link below, and check out our YouTube, or our Instagram for the full review! My Hero Academia, Season 4, is available to stream through Crunchyroll and Funimation!


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