Submissions For NOiR'S 2019 "Sorcerority" Contest Are Now Open!

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

In honor of Black History Month, we at NOiR Caesar invite you to literally see yourself become a student of Sorcerority's illustrious Historically Black Coven and University, Excursia!

Running now from March 1st, 2019, NOiR Caesar subscribers can submit a character design based on themselves to appear in Mikhail Sebastian's spellbinding tale of Black Girl Magic, and win ...

The Rules:

1. You Must Have An A NOiR Caesar Account! If you don't have one, head on over to and click 'Login' to subscribe to the largest collection of free-to-read diversity manga on the net!

2. Follow us (@Noircaesar) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube, and follow Sorcerority illustrator and writer, Mikhail Sebastian (@Mythallica)

3. Read Sorcerority chapters 1 & 2, and answer three of the five trivia questions below:

  • What is the name of the Drug that gives humans magickal abilities?

  • Where does Melani take her friends on the search for a magickal item?

  • What is Melani's sister's name?

  • How many Eyes do the Albino Doberman have?

  • What's the name of the Train Station?

4: Submit your art via Instagram (@noircaesar), with the Hashtag #Excursia, and include your three answers in your art's caption/description!

Art Guidelines:

  1. Designs must be drawn in full body

  2. Designs must include personal "Expression"; a magickal ability unique to YOU. Have fun and get creative with this one!

  3. Even though this is an HBCU, the school officially accepts any and all who wish to learn!

  4. You are encouraged to create a backstory for your character, but it's not required.

  5. Finished art only! No sketches. You have an entire month; take your time, put in some effort, and have fun!

  6. Designs must be submitted no later than 11:59PM (EST) on March 1st!

  7. ALL MAY APPLY! This content is for International Participation!

Best of luck, everyone!

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