After two years of planning and creating we are excited to be launching our Kickstarter for Primus 7: The Movie. Primus 7 has amassed a huge following on social media and endless messages of fans waiting to see the project come to life. We have teamed up with JM animation to bring to life a 45 second promo trailer that will show our fans and supporters what they can expect from Primus 7. This trailer will release at our BlerDCon launch panel and then to social media following the panel. Backers can expect everything thing from the Primus 7 Volume 1 manga to streetwear merchandise designed by our creative director Vaughn Alexander. We are planning for great success with this movie and campaign but we can't do it without you. 


The Primus Resistance stands on its last leg after suffering major losses at the hands of Arthur Grove. Survivors of the assault must regroup and find a way to rebuild what is now broken. All eyes turn toward the sons of former Primus leader Sevar Ajmau. Descendants of the most powerful Orii Warrior on the planet, the young warriors must tap into their raw and hidden ability to keep the resistance & themselves alive.