Please READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS before submitting anything. 

Noir Caesar only accepts submissions once a year during our annual Hype Manga Contest. This contest allows writers and artist a chance to join our Hype Manga line up and have their project drawn by our in house team of artist. The contest is only open to subscribers of Hype Manga. Any submissions from non-subscribers will not be reviewed. Noir Caesar will not accept unsolicited submissions. Please sign and attach submissions agreement along with materials upon submission. (Click here to download submissions agreement.)

Contest Deadlines 

·      Dec. 1st- Submissions Start

·      Dec. 20th – Top 10 Announced

·      Jan. 1st – Winner Announced




Below are instructions of what to include in your submission materials. All materials that do not follow these guidelines will not be reviewed. 

  • Must have a Hype Manga Membership
  • Synopsis (one paragraph max)
  • Genre
  • Age Range/Audience
  • Main Character/s Description (one paragraph per character max)
  • Brief Description of The Setting/World (three paragraph max)
  • ARTWORK (artwork is not required but helps us to see a better vision of your story)
  • All files must be in PDF format and art files must have a download link for high resolution. 
  • Send all materials to