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Created by: Jayden Hyman            Written By: Abraham Cuzner          Art By: 

Creation, death, rebirth are the absolute laws of the universe, All things fall under this law. This is true for all beings no matter where they come from. Not even the planet itself is exempt from this universal law. While some species and people may survive these events there is no guarantee that this will happen for any species. Luckily enough humans have managed to persevere through 2 of these events. Because of the nature of humans to preserve knowledge a legend is born.

The SunEater is said to be a being to bring on the end of the world. But the details of this story were lost to the ages only relics have been found and decrypted telling of the sun eater. Though it may not be known the sun eater is actually a person. The sun eater is born into the world as one of its inhabitants once it is near time for rebirth of the world. Unknown to the

person that they will cause the end of the world as they know it until it's far too late. The person is engulfed in flames and they consume the sun and the stars in the sky. The stars rain down scorching the earth till nothing remains.

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