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Created by: Marcus Kwabena, Johnny O’Bryant            Written By: Marcus Kwabena          Art By: Riley Brown

Wrestling is the most popular sport and form of entertainment in the universe, and no one does it better than Intergalactic Wrestling Extreme. In an unprecedented move that shook wrestling fans to their core, owner/promoter I.B. Skeamon acquires ownership of IWEs top rivals, and absorbs them. Now with the galaxy's best wrestlers all under the same umbrella, the competition level for the top spot intensifies. 


The heavyweight champions of each of the defunct wrestling organizations are allowed to keep their belts, but the fans establish their rankings in a poll. For the first time in history, an ascending order challenge system exists. The goal, unify all 5 belts and earn the legendary title of “The Ultimate Warrior”. Undefeated champion ”Cosmic Drip” La’Flare, thought of by many as “the best to ever do it”, now has a bigger target on his back.

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