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Berserk Manga Finally Returns To Continue With An Announcement Date

With its lengthy run throughout the decades, Berserk has been one of the greatest and most influential manga to date. However, the unfortunate and untimely demise of the legendary manga author, Kentaro Miura, back in May 2021, left a massive hole in the hearts of the fans and casual readers. Moreover, they thought they will never witness the closure of Guts, Casca, Griffith, and many others with his passing.

Introducing The Berserk Manga

Berserk follows the story of Guts set in a dark medieval fantasy world. He is a lone mercenary with a horrible past who still survives because of his combat strength and abilities. Without spoiling anything, Guts is on a journey of revenge to avenge his beloved because of a certain horrific scenario done to her. The Berserk series explores the themes of ambition, fate, and the constant struggle of Guts as he battles different grotesque demons, apostles, God Hand, and many more unexplained creatures.

Berserk manga is labeled by many readers as the pinnacle of the manga medium. Miura was able to fully utilize the medium’s potential to its fullest and was able to convey its purpose and message to the viewers. Though this is an adult-oriented manga because of the disturbing theme, controversial scenarios, and dark and gritty panels, the message is applicable to all people because of how Guts’s life was perfectly narrated to relate to the most common problems people face face. Finding what they want to do in life.

But these were until the recent announcement of the Berserk manga’s huge comeback after 2 years. Chapter 374 will finally come on September 22. The Black Swordsman is finally back in his struggle to find what he wants to do next in life. Griffith, on the other hand, is continuing to expand his power as he gets one step closer to his dream.

What to Expect in the Comeback of Berserk Manga

Berserk has set the standard of fans way too high because of its immense quality. With the author’s passing, everyone will immediately think that it will never be the same if it is not written by the original author regardless of how the future artists/writers can perfectly emulate Miura’s thought process in the manga. However, Kouji Mori and Studio Gaga have used the chats and notes of Miura. Nevertheless, no matter what the fans expect in its conclusion, what would perhaps matter is to provide a sense of closure to the readers with their conclusion.

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