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Cliff Blezinski: From Game to Comic Book Creation with his First Work “Scrapper” Recently Announced

Cliff Blizeniski, popularly known as one of the people who worked behind Unreal, Fortnite, Bulletstorm, Lawbreakers, Gears of War, etc. enters the world of story writing in a comic book format. Despite his huge achievements in gaming development creating the aforementioned games, it is indeed a huge move for him to be on a completely different creative side of entertainment.

Cliff Blezinski’s huge shift in career

It is safe to assume that his newly grown passion for comic book creation is a positive thing to see for him since the reason for him taking his time off in the gaming industry therefore quitting and retiring at a young age after 20 years of playing a part behind these successful games. The reason behind his early retirement from EA games is mainly boredom and according to him, he feels that both creators and gamer are both jaded and thought to himself that he is done. However, his actual retirement from the games is in 2018 when his established Boss Key Productions did not get enough traction for new games.

Nevertheless, the recent announcement about his first comic book is something not only for comic book fans to look forward to but also for the fans of his games.

Though our only basis for his comic book writing quality is close to none except for his achievements behind such games.

What is Scrapper All About

His first comic book is titled Scrapper. It is co-written by Alex de Campi( known for works like Dracula, Motherf***er!, and Parasocial). Scrapper is set in a post-apocalyptic city with Scrapper, the main character who is a dog. Scrapper is in a struggle with his companion Tank in an attempt to save his home against the totalitarian forces inside a confined domed city. However, everything is not easy as they face dangers along the way while discovering harsh truths in their city.

What to Expect in Scrapper

The comic book will release on the 19th of July by Image Comics. Though what we have so far aside from the announcement is the cover reveals and art previews, what’s left for the readers is to wait for the release.

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