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Creed III’s Story Reminisces Naruto and Sasuke’s Rivalry

Michael B. Jordan makes his directorial debut as he brings his vision to life in the movie Creed III. The said movie is set to release on the 3rd of March this year. With the new installment of the Creed movie and the debut of Michael Jordan, it is hard to envision what exactly would this movie become aside from actually witnessing it on the day of its release.

For those who do not have any idea what Creed is about, Creed is an American sports drama film. The movie serves as a spin-off of the Rocky film series and the 7th installment. With the success of Creed, it reached the 3rd installment which is what we have today that was recently announced.

However, there are some alluring inspirations that the movie and the cast took in realizing their ambitions for this movie. Surprisingly, it is an anime. Jonathan Majors, playing the starring role in this movie, recently stated that when Jordan’s outlook on the movie was asked, he often mentioned and spoke about anime. It tackles the complexity of friendship about how it explores rivalries and such that inspired Creed III. There is this idea of two characters in a rival battle that shows the external actions while putting an internal fight filled with the characters’ sentiments. It could be the flashbacks, driving emotions, and buildups. Hence, it will be not surprising that some of the fights would be subtly reminiscent of your typical anime fights.

As fans contextualized Jordan’s statement, it is safe to assume that the star is a well-known fan of Naruto. The story of Creed III will have a strong familiarity and is reminiscent of the hit Shonen series Naruto. Being a fan of the series, this would be convenient for taking inspiration from Naruto since his movie is also about fighting drama.

Here’s a little synopsis. Damian (played by Jordan) is an ongoing dominating fighter not until a person in his past suddenly shows up. Adonis( played by Majors), his former best friend, is returning to face Damian in their next fight. Instead of a blissful reunion of two former friends, it became a fight between foes filled with bitter feelings.

Is the story familiar enough? It’s because of how it reminisces Naruto and Sasuke’s rivalry when they separated as best friends and became foes as they take different routes and circumstances in life and when they reunited, they fight while bringing their bitter emotions.


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