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Creed Series Explores the Medium of Comic Books From Boom! Studios Recent Announcement

The Creed series definitely has a relatively good reputation and had a successful run from their movies. The Creed series is an American Sports drama that explores the minds of boxing fighters as they fight their own battles in life. Since its aforementioned success, it is no surprise for them to broaden its horizon in creativity in producing its content in different mediums. And this time, Boom! Studios announced a comic book series for the Creed series. What does this mean for the fans? It gives them another way of enjoying the medium in a physical format. Moreover, this is not just a retelling of the story but the continuation of the latest movie which is Creed III.

As they secured the license from MGM, they revealed the news that they are working with the director of the recent Creed movie Michael B. Jordan. Moreover, he also made a collaboration for the comic book with the writer LaToya Morgan(known for Walking Dead and Dark Blood) and Jai Jamison( known for Superman and Lois). Additionally, the illustrators that will be working on the comic book such as Wilton Santos (known for Break Out) and DJ Chavis(known for Lunar Room).

What is Creed comic book going to be about?

The comic book installment of Creed is set in 10 years after the events that occurred in the latest movie Creed III. This time, Adonis Creed is fighting his battles in life outside the ring. He is currently training alongside his wife Bianca to nurture the next generation of champions which is their daughter Amara. Amara currently is an amateur Boxer. However, despite her huge advantage with her parents, she feels her career is stagnant since her parents are reluctant to her fight stronger opponents. What she needs the most is a trainer that can defy Adonis’s way of raising her and has the skill and knowledge at the same time to fight like a Creed. Only time will tell who will appear in Amara’s life to get her out of her career’s stagnation.

The series is set to release in June according to the announcement. Knowing how the comic book medium can convey their story, especially in action series, this is a great opportunity for fans to explore their imagination while giving them a whole new medium to consume the series.


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