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DC Studios Slate Announcements and Newest Releases

With the ever-running successful franchise of DC for decades, it is no wonder that they will release new shows. James Gunn and Peter Safran’s plans with the franchise have taken action as revealed through their latest announcement under the Studio DC banner. Specifically, they announced the first 10 films consisting of animation, film, and television series. Moreover, Gunn and Safran’s plan is not just simply the release of new shows, but their long-term plan is to implement these future shows to be interconnected while featuring their iconic and memorable characters.

Various film projects that were announced so far can be read here. Here’s the list of the films with a glimpse of their story for the audience to know what to expect.


-Superman: Legacy - A movie focusing on Superman’s balancing between his human upbringing and Kryptonian origins

-The Authority - The Wildstorm characters from the comic book will be adapted into a film

-The Brave and the Bold - The story explores the dynamic and eccentric father-son relationship between Batman and Robin

-Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow - The film will be based on Tom King’s comic series. What to expect from this film is the presentation of Supergirl which the audience is not used to seeing.

-Swamp Thing - The TV show will have its film dedicated to the origins of

Swamp Thing

HBO Max Television

-Creature Commandos - Creature Commandos will be an animated show written by James Gunn. It is a story of Amanda Waller’s black ops team consisting of prisoners.

-Waller - Written by Jeremy Carver( popular for Supernatural) and Christal Henry (known for Watchmen), the series features the Team Peacemaker.

-Booster Gold - Based on a comic book created by Dan Jurgens, it features the gimmick of people pretending to be a superhero using technologies from the future.

-Lanterns - If you liked Green Lantern, then this is about the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps

-Paradise Lost - The setting takes place in the origins of Wonder Woman Themyscira. It is a story that focuses on the matriarchal political intrigue of Themyscira. Moreover, this would also be a good opportunity to know more about Wonder Woman.

With these aforementioned future shows of DC Studios, their long-term plan will be packed with certain anticipations from the fans. However, only time will tell what these announcements can bring us in the future.

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