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Haikyuu! The Dumpster Battle Movie Excites The Fans With Karasuno Team’s Upcoming Battle


Haikyuu!! series continues the journey of our lovable duo Tobiyo Kageyama and Shoyo Hinata together with their high school volleyball team Karasuno High.

Haikyuu! The Dumpster Battle is an upcoming movie by Haikyuu! Anime series which is the sequel to Haikyuu!! To The Top. After the last installment of the series back in 2020, fans are expecting its continuity because the source material recently ended - expecting the anime to also adapt all chapters. The international theater release will be on May 30th.  

What is Haikyuu!! All About

Haikyuu!! Is a sports manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. The manga series was serialized in 2012 and ended in 2020. With its initial success, the said series has received an anime adaptation by Production I.G. - continuing with the same studio for the rest of the multiple seasons, movies, and OVAs. 

Haikyuu!! is centered around Japanese high school volleyball. The story is centered around Shoyo Hinata - a boy who is inspired by “Little Giant” whose skills and ability are unmatched despite his disadvantageous height similar to Hinata - inspiring him to play the sport in the process. During his volleyball debut during his middle school, it went up way down after their humiliating defeat. However, he still wants to prove that he can also reach the level of Little Giant despite his not-so-impressive height for an average volleyball player. 

He enrolls in Karasuno High School, which was the past school of Little Giant, this is the place in which he believes that he is one step closer to his dream of becoming a professional volleyball player. His excitement and conviction only lasted until he learned that Tobio Kageyama, who humiliatingly defeated them in middle school, also enrolled in the same school as him and also a teammate. 

But because he dreams of playing volleyball professionally, he must learn what he needs and what it takes to be able to join the top together with his newfound team. 

Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle Movie

Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle Movie

The upcoming movie follows the event after the Karasuno High School made it through the Miyagi prefecture preliminaries for the tournament they joined which is the Harutaka Volleyball Tournament. Their opponent, Nekoma High School, was once their rival not until the newer generation of players enrolled. However, they became good friends after their past interactions during the training camps and various practice games that they have played together. 

Fans have highly anticipated this movie because of how their opposite playstyle will play out. Karasuno focuses on offensive playstyle; whereas Nekoma, focuses on defensive playstyle. After Karasuno overcomes victories with tough opponents, the challenge that awaits them only gets tougher and every game’s stakes become bigger and more intense. Moreover, they will finally play their first national tournament with the current members. 

Catch a glimpse of the intense action and heart-pounding excitement in the official trailer for Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle Movie.

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