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Jack Quaid Teases an Anime-Influenced New Series My Adventures With Superman

superman with two boys

Throughout the decades, there have been various mediums released and published revolving around the story of the Man of Steel. From comic books to movies and animated series. But this time around, Jack Quaid teases us about the new installment of the Superman series that comes in an anime–esque format. Warner Bros. will be premiering the said animated series on Adult Swim. Fortunately, it was stated that it would be very soon, which is on the 6th of July. And to no surprise, Clark Kent or Superman’s voice actor will be Jack Quaid. Moreover, Jack Quaid does not only bring us the upcoming new announcement, but also a glimpse that gives us an idea of what to expect from the series.

Introducing My Adventures With Superman

My Adventures With Superman introduces us to the story of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen living their lives on the Daily Planet. They are on the journey of self-exploration and discovery of what they are through their daily endeavors as an investigative reporting team. Clark Kent, famously known to us as Superman, explores his story of building his secret identity as Superman while exploring his nature and origins which is still a mystery to him. Lois, on the other hand, is on her way to becoming the star reporter. Lastly, we have Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy teams up with Lois as he works as a photographer following his endeavors. In the process, Clark and Lois are slowly falling in love with each other while Lois gradually uncovers Clark’s hidden identity as Superman. Together with this trio, we follow their daily lives and adventures as they fight bad guys, stumble and discover secrets, and answer questions such as what it means to be a hero.

Clark Kent with Lois Lane

What to Expect in My Adventures With Superman

Knowing that the said series will have anime-influenced art and animation, this opens up an opportunity to enthrall both Anime and DC Comics fans to give this animated series a chance to watch. What we have so far are the short PV trailer of the said series and the release date in Adult Swim.


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