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La Borinqueña Expands its Universe with the Recently Announced Spinoff

The long-running and award-winning indie comic “La Borinqueña” is getting new content which is a spinoff series. From its initial publishing in 2016 garnering success and awards, it is no question that fans would ask for more content from the comic since it has a good reputation.

What is La Borinqueña

For those who have no idea what the comic is about, it is an indie comic that established a partnership with DC Comics in 2018 as the main character fights alongside Wonder Woman and other DC characters. The comic is created by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and was first published in 2016. The character La Borinqueña is presented as a patriotic symbol for Puerto Rico. Hence, her powers are also obtained from the history and mysticism of the aforementioned island of Puerto Rico. The story begins with Marisol De La Luz, a university undergraduate student who studies Earth and Environmental Sciences. She is taking a semester which requires her to study abroad in Puerto Rico. When she explores the caves, she discovers five crystals, and Atabes, the Taino Mother goddess, appears. She then summons her sons Yucahu and Juracan, the spirits that gave her superhuman strength, control of the storms, and flight.

The La Borinqueña spinoff

With the simple yet intriguing story with its successful run, it decided to expand the universe of La Borinqueña by introducing the recently announced spinoff based on Oro El Coqui Dorado, which is the newest member of the group Nitainos, the team of La Borinqueña consisting of superheroes. Oro debuted back in 2021 only as a character yet but soon shows its action in 2022 in La Borinqueña Guest Starring Rosario Dawson.

However, the spinoff gave Oro the main spotlight thanks to the spinoff giving us the opportunity to explore the character more while expanding the La Borinqueña universe. Moreover, it connects the story of the current underlying political issues that are affecting millions of Puerto Ricans with U.S. citizenship that are struggling with land privatization, unemployment, and economic displacement. With the original comic exploring the themes of environmentalism, activism, and cultural heritage significance, our superheroes in this spinoff are not only fighting villains but the injustices being written narratively to be realistic and relevant to real-life issues and concerns.


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