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Lil Baby Surprises Fans as He Teams Up with AXE with a New Manga Announcement

The well-known body spray brand, AXE, has teamed up with the award-winning artist Lil Baby as they celebrate their new Fine Fragrance collection at Walmart. However, it is not just that but also their new project that is unexpected but welcome to the fans and consumers.

From their announcement, it is expected to release on July 11 as they launch their collaborative product titled Shonen Baby. The title of the manga alone has an apparent reference and inspiration from the world of anime and manga. Because of the immense popularity of anime and manga nowadays as they reach the mainstream globally, it is no surprise that some notable artists are acknowledging and sharing their love of the aforementioned mediums. Consequently, it produces fun projects out of passion such as Shonen Baby with the assistance of AXE.

Introducing Shonen Baby

Knowing the pleasant surprise that AXE and Lil Baby brings us soon, it is important to at least know what is it all about to have a gist of what to expect from their new manga product.

The manga is produced by Passion Pictures and illustrated by the artist Future Power Station. As the title suggests, it is no surprise that Shonen Baby explores the aspects and tropes of a typical Shonen action manga.

The story is about Lil Baby and AXE on their journey to save Atlanta as the villain, Culture Vulture, drains out the city’s ‘juice’. In their endeavors of saving the city, they also unlock something that resides inside them which is their inner G.O.A.T.

How and Where to Read Shonen Baby

Both fans and consumers can access and check out this manga by purchasing an AXE product from the Fine Fragrance Collection in Walmart stores. Additionally, the manga will also be available through digital download. But this is only during the virtual launch event that will be coming this Summer and is an exclusive invite only.

From the premise of the story, one can immediately tell that Lil Baby is a fan of the medium. He stated that his infatuation with it is because of how the medium’s Shonen genre tells powerful stories that are filled with energy and action. His co-production with AXE gives him an opportunity to showcase his creative skills, and he hopes that people will be able to enjoy this medium as well.

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