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One Piece Official Cafe Celebrates Its Opening In America


The first Official Cafe of the One Piece franchise begins to celebrate its opening on May 11, 2024. Fans in the West are now able to officially enjoy a cafe with a One Piece theme. The said cafe is open, particularly in Las Vegas, Nevada. Additionally, they released official images together with a special video for their grand opening.

The official opening of the cafe was made possible due to the collaboration with Toei Animation, Greatness LLC, and the restaurateur Andy Nguyen. The grand opening was celebrated with Luffy and Zoro’s appearances on the 11th of May from 11:00 AM PST to 2:00 PM with some special giveaways being included. Part of this opening is due to the honoring of the 25th anniversary of the franchise. 

What is One Piece

One Piece is one of the biggest Shounen manga and anime series that is still airing and publishing. The series is written and illustrated by Eiiichiro Oda and began its serialization back in 1997 and became a worldwide phenomenon due to its popularity and setting the record of being the most sold manga series.

It follows the tale of Luffy, a young man who has the ability to stretch his body parts. He has a dream of becoming the King of the Pirates. Together with his crewmates whom he meets along the way on his journey, they set off on an adventure to find the so-called treasure “One Piece” that gives him the title of “Pirate King”. 

One Piece Official Cafe

As the name suggests, One Piece's Official Cafe is a 2,000 square foot cafe that features the main character Monkey D. Luffy, and the members of the Straw Hat Crew.  These characters can be seen in the interiors of the cafe. 

Both fans and average cafe enjoyers can enjoy their thematically focused menu - the favorite foods of the Straw Hat members. Various foods from the menu such as Japanese Fruit Sando(Nico Robin’s favorite food), Onigiri( a very well-known association with Zoro), Stretchy Mochi Cookies similar to Katakuri’s abilities, Big Mom’s Wedding Cake, and many more. 

Talking about beverages, there are things you can drink like the All Blue Mocktail, Nami’s Mikan Tangerine Slushy, Franky’s Cola Ice Float, and more.

The cafe does not only provide experience with its foods and beverages, but it also sells merchandise such as hoodies, shirts, plushies, and more. Additional details can be found on their official website.

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