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Primal’s Creator Genndy Tartakovsky Has a Vague Surprise to the Fans

The groundbreaking and unforgettable animation series of Genndy Tartakovsky, Primal, is exclusively teased by the creator as he has future plans for the series. However, Genndy stated ambiguously when he mentioned having a great idea in mind for exploring a brand new world in Primal in the near future. What we have so far is entirely up to the fans’ imaginations as his plans are yet to be announced.

Introducing Primal

Primal is an animated TV series from 2019 that premiered on Adult Swim. Because of its unconventional way of conveying its message to the audience, it became quickly loved by the audience and many would deem that this is Tartakovsky’s best work yet. The series consists of 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes and each episode averaging 20-22 minutes.

For people who have no idea what the series is all about and why its 3rd season sequel is heavily anticipated by the fans, here’s a little synopsis:

Primal is set in a prehistoric time. It follows the story of Spea the caveman, and Fang the tyrannosaurus rex. These two characters are entirely different species, but their goals in life intertwine as they fight their everyday lives to survive in a harsh, violent, and dangerous world filled with environmental threats and various dangerous creatures.

Despite its simple setting and premise, it shows us more than what meets the eye. The story crudely conveys its message through the absence of dialogues, the vocal and sound accompaniment of different species and objects, and the visual narrative by utilizing the medium at its best with the creative talent of Genndy Tartakovsky. Though Primal can be initially and superficially interpreted as a story of survival between different species, the series explores the theme of survival, dealing with loss and grief, the reality of being surrounded by violence and brutality, and the abrupt bonds that form between unlikely characters.

What to expect from Genndy Tartakovsky’s teaser

There is nothing or something to expect from Primal as of now. However, because of the aforementioned teaser, fans would already have speculated that it could be a third season of Primal or a spinoff of the series. Only time can tell what Genndy can bring us in the future knowing the success it has not only in popularity but in how deeply it permeates the emotions of the audience through its artistic narrative in conveying a message.

Because of how the previous season ended, it is normal for the fans to anticipate the announcement to be a third season.


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