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Solo Leveling: Arise Continues Its Success For Being #1 Across 70+ Countries

Solo Leveling Arise Game Poster

The early release of Solo Leveling: Arise has been a huge success being number 1 across 70 countries. The game was released on May 8, 2024, in the Apple App Store, Playstore, and the later announcement for the PC platform. The success was particularly due to its initial success way back before the Anime Adaptation. 

Both Solo Leveling fans and possibly avid gamers can download the game across multiple platforms such as the App Store, Play Store, and PC. Moreover, aside from the recently finished 1st season of the anime adaptation, the anime will be returning for the 2nd season. Despite the franchise being massive, it still continues to grow its popularity across different mediums. 

Solo Leveling Arise Game

What is Solo Leveling?

Gates and portals are appearing across the world - harboring monsters on the other side of the portal.  The story follows Sung Jin Woo, who works as a hunter and is deemed the weakest hunter in the world. The strength of a hunter varies and is classified among ranks. With him, being an E rank, as the weakest; the S class hunters are standing at the pinnacle of the hunters.

Sung Jin Woo and his fellow party are exploring a seemingly safe dungeon, only to experience a horrifying event that almost wipes out the party members, leaving only a few survivors including Sung Jin Woo. After these events, he gains extraordinary power from a mysterious system. With the help of the system, following the quests and tasks from the system, could lead him to become the strongest hunter through sheer hard work and perseverance. 

Where Can I Play Solo Leveling: Arise?

Solo Leveling franchise has already had various platforms since its early success. From light novel, webtoon adaptation, anime adaptation, and now a video game across multiple platforms. If you are interested, you can check more information from their official website here

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