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Spy X Family Comes Back With A Third Season Providing Us With Another Wholesome Moments Of Forger Family

Spy X Family Third Season

The popular family-friendly anime, Spy X Family, is finally getting a third season. The official announcement was made by the Spy X Family Extra Edition in 9th of June. After their recent release of the movie as an anime original in December of last year, the manga adaptation will resume and will be aired in the third season. 

The Spy X Family series was successful early on when it was still only in manga format with few chapters. After its first-season adaptation, the series’ success expanded even more and reached more audiences even outside the anime community spectrum because of its premise which is enjoyable to any media consumer. 

Spy X Family Manga

What is Spy X Family

Spy X Family is a manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. The manga began its publishing biweekly in March of 2019. Because of its success and popularity, the manga was able to receive an anime adaptation by WIT Studio(popular for Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga, The Great Pretenders, and more)  in April of 2022 for two split course with 25 episodes in total. The story continues with the second season in October 2023 for 12 episodes following the movie Spy X Family Code: White which was released in December 2023. 

The story follows Loid Forger - a spy who is on a mission to “build a family” to execute obtaining top-secret information from a certain high-class family in their country. This mission of his is to maintain the state of peace between Westalis and Ostania after the recent war. His mission starts with adopting a daughter from an orphanage, Anya, who turns out to be a child who can read minds. Afterward, he then finds a wife named Yor Briar who works as an ordinary office clerk but turns out to be an assassin. 

In summary, the family consists of Loid Forger, a spy; Anya, the daughter who has telepathic abilities; and Yor Forger, who is secretly an assassin with monstrous physical strength. With each of the family members having a secret identity on their own, it will be up to them to maintain the facade of a happy family while keeping their secrets hidden.   In this “family”, their blood and connections may be fake but as time goes on, it will be certain that their emotional attachment as a fake family will be slowly becoming genuine. 

 As he forms his “family”, it is entirely up to him on how to handle their eccentric and chaotic personalities which always lead in the ruin of his mission. 

Small Recap From The Previous Season

The previous season’s major plot point was the Cruise Ship arc where the abilities of Loid as a spy and Yor’s fighting skills were tested for the sake of protecting what they are having now. Moreover, there are some notable plot progressions such as the love rival of Yor - Fiona, the stubborn Damian Desmond who can’t acknowledge his feeling of attraction to Anya, or the wholesome family moments of the Forger family and how they endearingly learn to become a functioning and proper member of the family. 

spy x family Folger family

What to Expect in the Third Season

We are yet to know about the past lives of the Forger Family especially Loid and Anya. Some questions need to be answered such as what led to the cold and emotionless lifestyle of Loid as a spy, the secret behind the telepathic abilities of Anya, or even the ability of their dog, Bond, to read the future. However, aside from the mystery, further developments are also to be expected from their bonds as a fake family, the friendship and reputation of Anya in the prestigious Eden Academy, the progress of obtaining information from the Chairman, or the slow yet progressing emotional attachment of Loid to his “family”. 

Who knows if some of these will be added to the third season because the anime adaptation sometimes adds anime original content in the previous seasons and also the entirety of the movie. But if we were to follow the manga adaptation format, the third season will likely be about a portion of Loid’s past, an action-oriented arc, and the further development of Anya’s life at Eden Academy. 

Though some details about the date are not announced yet, it will be certain that the fans can watch them on Crunchyroll and Netflix since they will be released there. With the upcoming third season, the fans are eagerly waiting for more comedy and action moments between the members of the Forger family, while following the slow and eventual progress of becoming a genuine family not by blood but by bond. Following the initial success of the anime series, will it still live up to the expectations of the fans when it comes to hype? 

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