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Sci-Fi Action Film Terminator Officially Releases An Anime Series

Terminator Anime Series

The classic sci-fi action film Terminator can be finally watched as an anime. The global release of the aforementioned series will be set for the 29th of August this year on Netflix. During its release, it will drop 8 full episodes at once on Netflix. 

Staff and Studio Details

The director of the anime will be Masashi Kudo, who is well known for the character design and animation director of Bleach. Mattson Tomlin is the creator together with the executive producers who are Dana Goldberg, Don Ranger, and David Goldberg. 

For the relatively old anime fans out there, the art style and vibe may be similar to some of the anime you have watched. And you are entirely correct with that. The anime will be under Studio I.G( known well for Psycho-Pass, Haikyuu!, Vinland Saga 1st season, Kaiju No.8 this season, and more). Moreover, they also recently released the worldwide premiere of Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle. 

Terminator Anime Series Netflix

What Is the Terminator Anime Series

The upcoming Terminator anime series will be set in the year 2022. Only a few survivors of humanity are left during their ongoing battle with the Skynet - an AI that gained self-awareness and initiated a war against humanity. 

In order to change the current fate of humanity, a soldier is sent back in time on year 1997 to protect a certain scientist that has a significant impact to the current events. The scientist, named Malcolm Lee, launches an AI technology that rivals Skynet’s specifications and their attack to humanity. 

The Terminator Anime series is definitely something that surprises both the fans of the franchise and the overall anime fans. With its upcoming release and is set in the same universe, fans will have the opportunity to consume the Terminator franchise in a different type of medium. Upon the initial release and the first look of the anime, it shows a dark and gritty vibe settings that would possibly complement the Terminator universe. Only time will tell on how it delivers to the fans for releasing it as an another entire form of medium. 

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