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The Unexpected Comeback of Clone High After Almost Two Decades

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There are myriads of series out there that abruptly release a sequel for many years. And this time, we have Clone High that returns this year. The first season debuted back in 2002 and finally, after almost 2 decades, the series finally makes its return answering various questions that left the fan wondering for a while.

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What is Clone High

Clone High is an American adult animated series that premiered on Teletoon back in November 2002. The show is mostly a clone of historical figures that populated the high school. The main characters are notable figures that one might already hear and know from their history lessons. These are Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Joan of Arc, and Cleopatra. The show follows familiar circumstances and experiences of your typical high school students. We follow their relationships, friendships, academic struggles, and many more quintessential high school experiences. However, their main struggle here is the challenge of meeting up the expectations for the legacy left behind by their originals.

Despite its cancellation back then after one season because of its controversial portrayal of historical figures and low ratings, it became popular enough for its relatable yet satirical portrayal of quintessential high school life.

Years later, the comeback with its new season introduces us to new characters, and of course, they are also clones of some historical figures. The new characters are Harriet Tubman, Confucius, and Frida. Though there are more that are yet to be introduced. There are four episodes written that are confirmed.

What to Expect in Clone High Season 2

A lot of time has passed since the first season. Times have changed so are people. It is hard to tell how satirical historical figure characters can be taken to the potential newer viewers. The times may have changed for the better or for the worse for this kind of humorous approach. Nevertheless, the question will finally be answered as to what happened to our beloved main characters JFK, Abe, Joan, and Gandhi. What matters the most is that the fans and viewers have something more to enjoy from the series.

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