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Creed Anime Official Announcement

Creed Anime

The Creed franchise has been successful throughout its entire run from the beginning to the latest installment. It is no surprise for them to create an anime adaptation or spin-off of the series considering the director, Michael B. Jordan, has a deep fascination with anime and putting anime-inspired scenes in his recent Creed movie. Regarding the anime of Creed III, it was announced that Creed will make a full anime as it follows the inspiration and influence of the Creed III movie. Moreover, the best news here is that overseas fans outside Japan will finally see the anime.

The Story Behind the Anime Announcement

Earlier this year, the team behind the Creed anime showed a short animated film that screened alongside Creed III in Japanese theaters. They featured an animation special which was created from the team collaboration of the staff behind the Megalobox anime at TMS Animation together with MGM Studios. Instead of another short film that they released in theaters, this time is a full series with an actual coherent storyline and not just for promotional purposes. A decent amount of time has already passed and it is finally coming to U.S. theaters. It is worth noting that the Creed anime screening that will come to the United States is a limited event.

Yo Moriyama, the director of Megalobox at TMS Entertainment, will handle the anime series together with Kensaku Kojima and Katsuhiko Manabe as the scriptwriters, who also worked in the same anime. Michael B. Jordan’s directorial part in the movie took inspiration from different anime such as Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Hajime no Ippo, and Megalobox. This is because of how these anime showcases the psychological and action aspects of these shows, especially with Naruto and Sasuke’s rivalry that inspires Creed III’s fights.

What to Expect in Creed Anime

Since the staff behind have a good reputation such as their creation Megalobox anime franchise, it will be not surprising for them to capture the artistic essence of anime brought from a real-life franchise from the West which is the Creed/Rocky series. Jordan already has something in mind to extend and expand his story through this anime. With Jordan’s involvement in the anime project, the anime is to be expected to be faithful to the source material.


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