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One Piece Live Action Season 2 Officially Announced

Nami, Luffy, Zoro

Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action adaptation has been storming the Netflix and anime communities recently. And this is mostly because of positive things are happening to it. One Piece live-action has been successful-far despite the bad reputation of live-action anime recently. Initially, many people did not have high expectations of the live-action series until its release, which exceeded their expectations positively. Part of their success is the direct involvement of the author/mangaka Eiichiro Oda and the passionate actors and crews behind the scenes. It is no wonder if there will be a second season, as fans will always anticipate or ask for more when the series is good enough.

One piece crew

Introducing One Piece

One Piece is a long-running anime and manga series that has been circulating for more than two decades, and its popularity is still ever-increasing. As of today, One Piece manga has sold more than 500 million copies, and we are certain that it is still growing since the series has not ended yet.

The late king of the pirates, Gold Roger, left a treasure according to his last words, which served as a catalyst for the Great Pirate Era. His last word dares the adventurous spirits of the upcoming pirates. Monkey D. Luffy, a naive-looking young man wearing a straw hat, is set on a journey to find the treasure left by Gold Roger, the One Piece. As he starts his pirate journey, he has yet to find some crew-mates to join him in his ambition.

One Piece crew

What to Expect in One Piece Live-Action Season 2 ?

As Luffy continues his journey with Zoro, Sanji, Nami, and Usopp to the Grandline, fans have been very curious about the appearance of Chopper, an anthropomorphic reindeer, and Robin. Aside from these, the massive and immersive world of One Piece has left fans looking forward to myriad things in their world. Nevertheless, what matters is that fans have something to look forward to with the Strawhat Pirate.

With Oda’s continuous involvement in the project, the quality and dedication to the original source material are still to be expected. However, the announcement may be official, but the exact date is not yet known. What we have so far is the continued journey of Luffy and his crew toward the Grand Line, as his enemies are getting tougher and stronger.


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