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Suicide Squad Anime: An Anime Adaptation That No One Expected But A Welcome One

Harley Quinn

With the intrusion of DC Comics in the artistic world of anime, Suicide Squad Isekai is coming after Japan confirmed that DC Comics getting an anime. And this time, Japanese animation brings Suicide Squad anime into existence. What makes this an abrupt yet welcome anime for the anime and DC Comics fans is that they can expect its quality because of the studio and team behind the anime which is the WIT Studios (popularly known for Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga, Spy x Family) and the producers Warner Bros.

Blending the popular subgenre or concept of anime nowadays which is the Isekai to the world of Western comic book media which is DC Comics, is something wild even to people’s imagination. But that is the case for the upcoming anime Suicide Squad Isekai. The title alone strongly suggests it.

Introducing Suicide Squad

DC Comics is a huge franchise known for superheroes like Batman, Superman, and more. It consists of a diverse cast in their own respective IP titles. Despite the franchise being known for its iconic superhero character, this time, they introduce a group of eccentric antiheroes and supervillains. Suicide Squad’s concept is a group of highly dangerous imprisoned individuals to do dangerous tasks in exchange for reducing their sentence.

The team is introduced to characters that have eccentric personalities with unusual abilities and superpowers. The group’s cast is composed of a mixture of iconic villains and also the lesser–known ones. Knowing that the Suicide Squad members are a group of villains, it is expected that conflicts may easily arise. However, they are forced to do their mission not because of duty, self-interest, or conviction but because of a threat from the secret government agency called Task Force X. Opposing, neglecting, or trying to escape may lead them to face severe repercussions. Their personal conflicts and motivations are nothing under the threat imbued upon them thus forcing them to work together.

Joker and Harley Quinn

What to expect from this announcement

One can easily assume Suicide Squad’s success because of its adaptation in various mediums such as animated adaptations and live-action movies. Moreover, the concept is not just about the typical superhero versus villain. But a group of villains who are fighting for their desire of survival. Moreover, introducing a group of villains creates a unique dynamic of characters and newer possibilities in storytelling. One’s expectation in Suicide Squad Isekai would be hard to tell because it is an Isekai but the studio behind has a good track record. Only time can tell what the anime will bring us upon its release.


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